Khun Vichai: Leicester City’s Miracle Man


It’s the only way to describe how I and so many others felt when the sobering, tragic news hit.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha was a great man. One who dedicated his life so others could live there’s to the fullest.

He was so invested, not only in Leicester City Football Club, but in the city itself.

He pledged money to local children’s hospitals, supported the Foxes foundation, and donated generously to our universities.

He transcended football in a way so few foreign owners do, shedding the murky stereotype of calculated, ego-fuelled chairmen consumed by their own vested interest.

One look at the memorial lying before the King Power Stadium’s walls today tells you all you need to know.

Football can be such a divisive and tribal game, but it also has the incredible ability to unite people the world over through its sheer globalised popularity.

Vichai was well aware of football’s social power and used it to foster a truly unique environment. The club became a family, inclusive to anyone and everyone connected to it.

This, of course, was never more evident than when we won the title in 2016.

Vichai facilitated what can only be described as a dream. A dream that every Leicester fan got to live – made a reality by his warmth and generosity.

Beyond Leicester, he gave others hope. We broke the homogeny of elite club dominance and lit the path for others to follow.

He gave us European nights, playing on the grandest of stages. I’ll never forget those nights.

So, for now, I raise a glass to Vichai.

A man who made the impossible a reality.

A man who gave his yesterday so children could see a tomorrow.

A man who made us dream.

Rest in peace.